01 November 2016

CST438 Week 1

This week we discussed software trends like the consolidated language movement (HTML+CSS+JavaScript), NoSQL Databases, RESTful APIs and SaaS (like Google Maps, IBM Watson and Microsoft Office 365).

We also introduced the standard methodologies of WaterFall, Agile and Formal Methods. I am already very familiar with WaterFall, as I use it at work for managing store opening projects. I am also already familiar with Agile (albeit less familiar), as we use a version of Agile called SDDM at my work for software development projects.

We also covered version control systems, but focused in particular on Git and GitHub. I have used GitHub in the past to collaborate on small software packages and here as CSUMB to coordinate with students on group projects.

I have been very limited on time the last couple of weeks (due to work), so have had difficulty completing the assignments thus far. The weekend that I am writing this (11/12-11/13) I am working to catch up.

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