24 November 2015

CST205 Week 5

Completed mid-term project -

Sharpens the image by creating a line art overlay mask, lightens the surrounding area, then adds the CSUMB logo to the bottom right corner.
Softens the image by averaging a 3x3 area, adds a raised brown frame, then adds the CSUMB logo to the bottom right corner.


17 November 2015

CST205 Week 4

How Google sets goals: OKRs
Googles use of OKRs is interesting - by sharing it with the whole company it both motivates users to work harder and to be honest with their self-evaluations. It also allows employees to make sure their priorities are in line with management's goals and vice versa. Overall this was an interesting presentation.

Created a graphic portfolio that includes an fun new assignment (that will go well with my mid-term project ideas):

which generated:

09 November 2015

CST205 Week 3

Fun with Green Screen


Images (not to scale):

pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\alien.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 992, 170)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\apolloReal.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 591, 107)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\johnl.png", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 165, 175, True)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\ticker.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 0, 0, True)


01 November 2015

CST205 Week 2

I am already familiar with pair programming as this what we used for ACM-ICPC when I was at DVC.

CST205-40 Syllabus

Python Notes:
print "Hello World"
variable declaration/type is set at initial setting
white space matters - indents for cond and func
# single """ multiple line comments
not 8^2, instead 8**2
inside ' escape like \'
str.lower(), str.upper(), str(var), len(str)
print "asdf %s. asdf %s." % (str1, str2)
if: elif: else:
def name(var): return resp
    generic = import math - print math.sqrt(25)
    function = from math import sqrt
    universal = from math import *
max(), min(), abs(), type()