13 December 2015

CST205 Week 8

What advise you will give to future CSIT-Online students so their learning in this class can be effective and rewarding? Relax and be patient. Keep in mind that this is an introductory course. Many of the people taking this may be more knowledgeable about Python than you, don't let that dissuade you.

Python Code of Interest this week - Electronic Craps Game:
dice = [0, 0]
points = [10]

def gameEnd(strState):
  if "win" in strState:
    points[0] += 1
    printNow('You won and have ' + str(points[0]) + ' points now.')
    answer = requestString('YOU WIN!!!\nWould you like to play again (y/n)?').lower()
    points[0] -= 1
    printNow('You lose and have ' + str(points[0]) + ' points now.')
    if points[0] > 0:
     answer = requestString('Sorry, you lose.\nWould you like to play again?').lower()
      showInformation('Sorry, you lose.\nYou have run out of credits.')
      answer = "no"
  if "n" in answer: # check for quit playing situation
    printNow('Thanks for playing, you cash out with ' + str(points[0]) + ' points.')
    return false
  return true

def diceRoll():
  import random
  return random.randint(1, 6)

showInformation('Welcome to our Craps Game')
if points[0] > 0:
  game = true
else: # otherwise they can't play anymore
  showInformation('Sorry, you are out of credits.')
  game = false
while game == true:
  # First Roll
  printNow('Rolling dice...')
  dice[0] = diceRoll()
  dice[1] = diceRoll()
  printNow('You rolled a ' + str(dice[0]) + ' and a ' + str(dice[1]) + '.')
  point = dice[0] + dice[1]
  if point == 7 or point == 11:
    game = gameEnd("lose")
  elif point == 2 or point == 3 or point == 12:
    game = gameEnd("win")
    showInformation('The point is now: ' + str(point) + '.')
    # Subsequent Rolls
    totalDice = 0
    rollNumber = 0
    while totalDice != point:
      dice[0] = diceRoll()
      dice[1] = diceRoll()
      printNow('You rolled a ' + str(dice[0]) + ' and a ' + str(dice[1]) + '.')
      nextRoll = dice[0] + dice[1]
      rollNumber += 1
      if nextRoll == point:
        game = gameEnd("win")
      elif nextRoll == 7:
        game = gameEnd("lose")
        showInformation('Roll #' + str(rollNumber) + ' is a ' + str(nextRoll) + '.\nNot quite - let\'s try again.')

08 December 2015

CST205 Week 7

The best thing that we have learned so far in this course is the use of dictionaries in Python (aka Hashes).

For additional fun I wrote an online headline aggregator (but didn't use a dictionary in it):

#'print onlineAggregator()' - it will ask you for directory to save online file before pulling headlines

def onlineAggregator():
  localPath = setMediaPath()
  import urllib
  urllib.urlretrieve('http://otterrealm.com/category/news/', localPath+'\\news.html')
  string = open(localPath+'\\news.html', 'r').read()
  newString = "*** Otter Realm Breaking News! ****\n"
  index = 0
  while index < len(string):
    start = string.find('<h3>', index)
    if start == -1:
    end = string.find('</h3>', index)
    newString += '> ' + string[start + 4:end] + '\n'
    index = end + 5
  return newString
I know this could have been done without downloading the file, but the assignment was opening local files and parsing them.

01 December 2015

CST205 Week 6

RE: Silicone Valleys Race to Hack Happiness

I very much disagree with the idea that depression is on the rise - the basis of increased drug use is a misleading statistic. The fact is that these drugs are readily available now and were not just 10 years ago. The permeation of technology into our society is natural - it, like the drugs, is filling a niche. This vacuum is more likely caused by an increasing amount of free time.

In addition to working with my group on a text based game, I wrote my own:

# The Ultimate Adventure Game - Written by John Lester

power = true # global state of ships power
zombieNum = 0 # global number of nearby zombies
haveKeys = false # global state of keys held

def help(): # prints help statements based on global variables
  global power
  global zombieNum
  global haveKeys
  global locationCode
  if power is true: # print power status
    printNow('The power is on')
    printNow('The power is off')
  if zombieNum > 0: # print number of nearby zombies
    printNow('You are surrounded by ' + str(zombieNum) + ' zombie(s).')
  if haveKeys is true: # print if player has keys
    printNow('You are carrying keys to the Officers Quarters')
  if locationCode == 'O':
    printNow('You are in the Officers Quarters')
    if zombieNum >= 1:
      printNow('The only exit is the escape pod')
      printNow('The only exits are aft or the escape pod')
  elif locationCode == 'C':
    printNow('You are in the Commmand Center')
    printNow('There are exits fore and aft')
    if haveKeys is false:
      printNow('The fore exit is locked')
  elif locationCode == 'M':
    printNow('You are in the Mess Hall')
    printNow('The only exit is starboard')
    if haveKeys is False:
      printNow('You can grab the captains keys')
  elif locationCode == 'H':
    printNow('You are in the main hallway')
    printNow('There are exits fore, aft, port and starboard')
  elif locationCode == 'Q':
    printNow('You are in the Crews Quarters')
    printNow('The only exit is port')
  elif locationCode == 'E':
    printNow('You are in the Engine Room')
    printNow('The only exit is fore')
    printNow('There is a power switch to the left')
    printNow('You are lost...')

def command():
  global power
  global haveKeys
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Command Center -----')
  printNow('You find yourself in the command center of a submarine')
  printNow('The dead bodies of the crew are strewn about the floor everywhere.')
  if power is true:
    printNow('Around you the consoles are spitting sparks.')
    printNow('The dim emergency lighting barely illuminates the walkways.')
  if haveKeys is true:
    printNow('Forward of your position is a door that leads to the Officers Quarters.')
    printNow('Forward of your position is a locked door.')
  printNow('Aft of your position is a door that leads to the main hallway.')
  move = doAction()
  if move == 'fore' and haveKeys is true:
    printNow('You use the key to open the Officers Quarters.')
    return 'O'
  elif move == 'aft':
    return 'H'
  elif move == 'help':
  elif move == 'exit':
    return 'X'
    printNow('You are unable to move that direction or perform that action')
  return 'C'

def hallway():
  global power
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Hallway -----')
  printNow('You are in the central hallway of the submarine.')
  printNow('All the bulkheads are covered in blood')
  if power is true:
    printNow('The lights above you flicker')
    printNow('The emergency lighting barely shows you the way around.')
  printNow('Forward of your position is a door that leads to Command, aft leads to the Engine Room.')
  printNow('To port is a door that leads to the Mess Hall, to starboard leads to the Crew Quarters.')
  move = doAction()
  if move == 'fore':
    return 'C'
  elif move == 'port':
    return 'M'
  elif move == 'star':
    return 'Q'
  elif move == 'aft':
    return 'E'
  elif move == 'help':
  elif move == 'exit':
    return 'X'
    printNow('You are unable to move that direction or perform that action')
  return 'H'

def engineRoom():
  global power
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Engine Room ------')
  if power is true:
    printNow('A single light bulb illuminates the very loud room.')
    printNow('Batteries line both sides of the room and a spinning shaft runs out the back.')
    printNow('You are in a very dark and quiet room.')
    printNow('Batteries line both sides of the room and a greasy shaft runs out the back.')
  printNow('On the left wall is the main power switch.')
  move = doAction()
  if move == 'fore':
    return 'H'
  elif move == 'help':
  elif move == 'exit':
    return 'X'
  elif move == 'pwr':
    if power is true:
      power = false
      printNow('The ship suddenly falls dark and quiet as it lurches to a halt.')
      power = true
      printNow('The room suddenly lights up and the shaft in the center begins to spin.')
    printNow('You are unable to move that direction or perform that action')
  return 'E'

def crewQuarters():
  global zombieNum
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Crew Quarters -----')
  printNow('The room is lined with bunks and lockers.')
  printNow('The door behind you (port side) is the only exit.')
  printNow('An undead crewman, with guts hanging from his stomach, slowly lumbers toward you.')
  move = doAction()
  if move == 'port':
    zombieNum = 0
    return 'H'
  elif move == 'atk':
    printNow('You do not have a weapon!!!')
  elif move == 'help':
    return 'Q'
  elif move == 'exit':
    return 'X'
    printNow('You are unable to move that direction or perform that action.')
  zombieNum += 1
  if zombieNum == 2:
    printNow('The undead crewman gets closer.')
  elif zombieNum >= 3:
    printNow('The undead crewman attacks you and bites out your throat!')
    printNow('You lay on the floor bleeding out...better luck next time.')
    return 'X'
  return 'Q'

def messHall():
  global power
  global haveKeys
  global zombieNum
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Mess Hall -----')
  if power is false:
    zombieNum += 1
    if zombieNum >= 2:
      printNow('The undead crewman attacks you and bites out your throat!')
      printNow('You lay on the floor bleeding out...better luck next time.')
      return 'X'
      printNow('As you enter the room an undead crewman jumps at you from the darkness.')
      printNow('You are knocked back into the hallway and barely get the door closed.')
    return 'H'
  zombieNum = 0
  printNow('You are in the dining room, tables and chairs are strewn about.')
  printNow('On the floor, surrounded by dead bodies, is the ships captain.')
  if haveKeys is false:
    printNow('A large ring of keys hangs from his belt.')
  move = doAction()
  if move == 'star':
    return 'H'
  elif move == 'keys':
    haveKeys = true
    printNow('You grab the keys to the Officers Quarters off the dead captain.')
  elif move == 'atk':
    printNow('You do not have a weapon!!!')
  elif move == 'help':
  elif move == 'exit':
    return 'X'
    printNow('You are unable to move that direction or perform that action.')
  return 'M'

def officersQuarters():
  global power
  global zombieNum
  printNow(' ')
  printNow('----- Officers Quarters -----')
  printNow('You have reached the front of the ship.')
  printNow('On each side are the slots that hold escape pods. One remains available...')
  escape = requestString('Do you want to enter the pod and escape: ').lower()
  if "help" in escape or "?" in escape:
    return 'O'
  elif "y" in escape:
    printNow(' ')
    printNow('----- Escape Pod -----')
    printNow('As you step into the escape pod, freedom just moments away -')
    printNow('an undead crewman attacks you from the darkness and bites your chest!')
    printNow('You are able to crush the dead crewmans skull and push the body away.')
    if power is true:
      printNow('You lay on the floor bleeding as the escape pod surfaces.')
      printNow('You feel weak and hungry for human brains and see shore through the portal.')
      printNow('Happy hunting...')
      printNow('You lay on the floor bleeding, never to leave this underwater grave.')
      printNow('You will never be able to satiate your hunger for human brains.')
    return 'X'
  zombieNum += 1
  if zombieNum <= 1:
    printNow('A dead crewman comes staggering through the door to the Command Center blocking that exit.')
    printNow('Your indecision has killed you. The dead crewman grabs you and begins pulling out your intestines.')
    return 'X'
  return 'O'

def doAction():
  global locationCode
  direction = requestString('What do you want to do: ').lower()
  if "fore" in direction or "north" in direction:
    return 'fore'
  elif "aft" in direction or "south" in direction:
    return 'aft'
  elif "port" in direction or "west" in direction:
    return 'port'
  elif "star" in direction or "east" in direction:
    return 'star'
  elif "exit" in direction or "quit" in direction:
    return 'exit'
  elif "switch" in direction or "turn " in direction or "power" in direction:
    return 'pwr'
  elif "attack" in direction:
    return 'atk'
  elif "keys" in direction:
    return 'keys'
  elif "help" in direction or "?" in direction:
    return 'help'
  return 'none'

def cls():
  for x in range(0, 15):
    printNow(' ')

printNow('You wake up in the center of a submarine command center.')
printNow('You can type help at any time for a list of commands')
locationCode = 'C'
while locationCode != 'X':
  if locationCode == 'O':
    locationCode = officersQuarters()
  elif locationCode == 'C':
    locationCode = command()
  elif locationCode == 'M':
    locationCode = messHall()
  elif locationCode == 'H':
    locationCode = hallway()
  elif locationCode == 'Q':
    locationCode = crewQuarters()
  elif locationCode == 'E':
    locationCode = engineRoom()
    printNow('You seem to be lost...sending you back to command')
    locationCode = 'C'

24 November 2015

CST205 Week 5

Completed mid-term project -

Sharpens the image by creating a line art overlay mask, lightens the surrounding area, then adds the CSUMB logo to the bottom right corner.
Softens the image by averaging a 3x3 area, adds a raised brown frame, then adds the CSUMB logo to the bottom right corner.


17 November 2015

CST205 Week 4

How Google sets goals: OKRs
Googles use of OKRs is interesting - by sharing it with the whole company it both motivates users to work harder and to be honest with their self-evaluations. It also allows employees to make sure their priorities are in line with management's goals and vice versa. Overall this was an interesting presentation.

Created a graphic portfolio that includes an fun new assignment (that will go well with my mid-term project ideas):

which generated:

09 November 2015

CST205 Week 3

Fun with Green Screen


Images (not to scale):

pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\alien.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 992, 170)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\apolloReal.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 591, 107)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\johnl.png", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 165, 175, True)
pic = chromakey("C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\ticker.jpg", "C:\\Path\\to\\Images\\newsBackground.jpg", 0, 0, True)


01 November 2015

CST205 Week 2

I am already familiar with pair programming as this what we used for ACM-ICPC when I was at DVC.

CST205-40 Syllabus

Python Notes:
print "Hello World"
variable declaration/type is set at initial setting
white space matters - indents for cond and func
# single """ multiple line comments
not 8^2, instead 8**2
inside ' escape like \'
str.lower(), str.upper(), str(var), len(str)
print "asdf %s. asdf %s." % (str1, str2)
if: elif: else:
def name(var): return resp
    generic = import math - print math.sqrt(25)
    function = from math import sqrt
    universal = from math import *
max(), min(), abs(), type()

27 October 2015

CST205 Week 1

No class this week - although there was the introductory meeting Saturday morning where we met each other (again) and went over what would be taught in the upcoming Multimedia Design and Programming class.

Article of Interest (courtesy of 1105 Media):
Why Tech's Biggest Companies are Against the Cyber Security Bill

Some of technologies leading revolutionaries such as Apple, Twitter Facebook and Google disregard the Cyber Security Bill as a legitimate solution to the data breaches seen in recent news.

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Act of 2015, also known as the CISA, would allow corporations to voluntarily share information about users with the government, without the fear of lawsuits, in an attempt to prevent cyber attacks.

Those against the bill firmly believe that it infringes on the privacy of users and that it does too little to prevent cyber attacks. The Computer and Communications Industry Association, a trade group representing tech leaders such as Facebook and Google, doesn’t believe it can support the bill as it is now.

"CISA’s prescribed mechanism for sharing of cyber threat information does not sufficiently protect users’ privacy or appropriately limit the permissible uses of information shared with the government," a statement from the group said. "In addition, the bill authorizes entities to employ network defense measures that might cause collateral harm to the systems of innocent third parties."

Supporters of the bill believe that creating a voluntary sharing environment would help to protect Americans from threats of a cyber attack, such as the disaster that hit Sony just a year ago. According to supporters, CISA would require companies and the government to remove any personally identifiable information believed to be irrelevant before sharing evidence of cyber threat indicators.

As of April, the bill passed in the House of Representatives and is now expected to be put to a vote in the Senate. There are several amendments to be made before a vote happens, but if passed, the changes will have to be approved by the House of Representatives before the bill is sent to the White House.

25 October 2015

CST300 Week 8 (and a half)

There was some debate in my group about the short video, so here are both versions:
https://youtu.be/DD-7pYoRNYY (my short video)
https://youtu.be/SvoHtx-wCqo (group short video)
Along with our top quality long video:

Review 1:
Team Enterprise Talks About Space Probes
Overall this is an imaginative video on a fascinating subject and I really enjoyed watching it.
1. is the topic well covered?  Yes, with lots of details.
2. is the presentation clear? Yes, but perhaps more pictures of the subject matter (probes, etc)
3. how is the quality of the research? You mention in your video that control of the space program was turned over to NASA after the failure of Explorer 5, but didn't mention that this is when NASA was formed to replace the National Advisory Committee.
4. how is the quality of the video production? Your audio occasionally cuts out, this was most likely an editing issue (like 0:51 - "it was run by..."). I do like the transition between segments.
5. is the video engaging and interesting? The use of pop culture references definitely makes it more engaging.
6. is the team work evident? Despite having divided up the segments, there was obviously a lot collaboration as they are presented similarly and have the same underlying theme.

Review 2:
Team #2 - Bitcoins
Trust but verify. You did a fantastic job, one of the best in our cohort.
1. is the topic well covered? Yes, and I liked how you went far enough into it to explain how to set up accounts, etc - but could have used more about how they work behind the scenes (like here)
2. is the presentation clear? Yes - very easy to follow.
3. how is the quality of the research? Good.
4. how is the quality of the video production? Good.
5. is the video engaging and interesting? Very graphically engaging, I like how you didn't just use a slide show like most groups (including my own).
6. is the team work evident? This very well could have been done by a single person. Fantastic team work with a solid result.

Review 3:
AppTyx Driverless Cars
1. is the topic well covered? Yes.
2. is the presentation clear? Yes, but you do discuss the same subject multiple times (like use of GPS). The video could have also benefited from a summary at the end.
3. how is the quality of the research? Good. But the human driver you mention at 9:43 is due to legislation, not actual safety concerns and the additional person was removed back in 2012 and was just for real time monitoring.
4. how is the quality of the video production? Good, but some of your slide selections had text that was too small to read (GPS explanation). In this case you may have wanted to pan & zoom to each area as you talked about it.
5. is the video engaging and interesting? Yes, but the video is a little long.
6. is the team work evident? You could have collaborated better and reviewed final video as a group to avoid some of the videos redundancies.

This week was all about finishing our ethics paper and videos. Though I did find a new potential blog location for CSUMB students:

14 October 2015

CST300 Week 7

No too much to report this week - just continuing to work on the Ethics paper. Enjoyed watching (as always) the Ted Talks, although that did distract me from my other homework for quite awhile (like Lays potato chips, no one can eat just one). My absolute favorite Ted Talk of all time remains Regina Dugan from DARPA and her talk on failure. I also watched Joseph Desimone explain the advantages of faster 3D printing. Both give fantastic, motivational presentations.

09 October 2015

CST300 Week 6

Take a look at the top 5 most-desired workplace skills.
  1. Communication Skills
  2. Strong Work Ethic
  3. Teamwork Skills
  4. Flexibility and Adaptability 
  5. Problem Solving Skills
The "one-minute commercial" reminds me of the 30 second elevator pitch I used in the "dot com" days.

I really liked the resume keywords list here as well.

My Résumé - before and after or see the online version at WSiaB.net.

I will most likely not be looking for an internship. I could use some improvement on some of the job search methods mentioned (professional associations and social networking).

30 September 2015

CST300 Week 5

Support and Comment on Teammates' Goals
Aerin: I understand the difficulty finding the General Education requirements at a Junior College (or even harder finding them online). Luckily I have taken most of my classes beyond this (all but 4). You may want to talk to Claudia Carter about locating any missing classes (she found my needed OS class online for me). I agree that setting detailed long term goals is a waste of time (**it happens). That being said, as you move forward I would continue to set these detailed goals as short term goals. Good luck and talk to you soon.
Lady Mozzarella: I'm a little jealous you get to focus on this class (withdrawal from Philosophy). Investing in a home is a noble cause and a solid investment. I would start looking for dream jobs that interest you now. They will not be available by the time you graduate, but they will show what you need to be qualified for them. I call it window shopping for jobs. Good luck and talk to you soon.

Possible Capstone Ideas
  • Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook (could be useful at my work)
    • Custom Android OS build required
    • Using intranet facing database
    • Requires extensive audit trail (21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
  • Restaurant Menu/Ordering System (like Ziosk but for small restaurants)
    • Custom Android OS build required (possible custom hardware)
    • Integrated system to not just take orders, but to also show them to kitchen
    • Using intranet facing database
  • Security Guard Reporting App (actually have a client that might pay for this)
    • Android User Interface
    • Using web facing database
    • Requires use of GPS, voice recognition, phone integration
  • Custom In-Store Ordering App (for Mobile Living)
    • Android User Interface
    • Using intranet facing database
  • Open Source Textbooks (not completely CS)
    • Tired of seeing book publishers ripping off schools and students?
    • Non-Profit (501(c)(3))
    • Cost of books would be means based (for both schools and students)
    • Does require qualified authors
    • Difficult to get past corrupt textbook selection committees
    • This is most likely too large of a project for a capstone (requires a large team)
Keep Up With Your Learning Journal
I found the researching of Masters Programs quite interesting. I spoke with some of my PhD and MS colleagues and they agreed that the drawbacks of a Post-Graduate degree are very burdensome. The biggest problems are overspecialization and being overqualified. But they had to admit that if they had to do over again, they would. I am not interested in working in research or academia, so will most likely not pursue this. As far as internships, this is a definate possibility. A friend of mine (Zishan) just finished a summer internship with Intel and they hired him this fall. They were so impressed by him that they paid to relocate him and even flew him on a private jet to start his new job. I already have 20 years experience in Information Technology and am also a little old for an internship.

23 September 2015

CST300 Week 4

My educational goals are simple. I am looking to graduate from CSUMB with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 23 months. Shortly after graduation I am planning to obtain my PMP certification. This should lead nicely into my career goals.

For my career goals I am looking for a job similar to my existing job, but with a larger company like Genentech. This will provide stability and allow me to continue to save for my childrens college and my early retirement (I am still hoping to retire in another 15 years).

"Lady Mozzarella": As was suggested to me, I would plan more specific items to work on during your study periods (I like that idea). I would also try to allocate personal time so that it doesn't overflow into your study time.

"Aerin": I couldn't find your calendar on your blog.


Goals should be:
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Bound
My goal score is a 54. "Although you meet some of your goals – which may be those that are most connected to your values and long-term plans – you sometimes fall short on others. Do you find that you get overwhelmed by other commitments as you progress towards a goal, do you struggle with self-discipline, or, do you find it hard to form new habits when working towards your goals?"

According to Locke and Latham, there are five goal setting principles that can improve our chances of success:
  • Clarity
  • Challenge
  • Commitment
  • Feedback
  • Task complexity

14 September 2015

CST300 Week 3

Jot down one best time block you can study. How long is it? What makes for a good break for you? Can you control the activity and return to your studies?
The best time is in the evening after the kids go to bed. I get a few hours to study and personal time. The kids are the biggest distraction as they want my time. It is open ended until I go to bed.

What is the best study space you can think of? What is another?
My dining room is a good place to study as there is no television, phone or other distractions. My backup is the Starbucks down the road.

What is the best time in a week you can review?
Just before the class works best for me so that the information is fresh.

What subject has always caused you problems?
Generally Mathematics has proven difficult.

What is a first step you can identify for an assignment to get yourself started?
Read the instructions and create an outline.

What is one distraction that causes you to stop studying?

Write down three examples for that difficult subject above? Be as specific as possible.
Calculus I, Calculus II and Calculus III. In particular the large amounts of time and effort necessary for een a single problem.

What is one example of applying free time to your studies?
Listening to lectures while driving. Practicing what you learn in day-to-day situations. In my case this includes using Spanish whenever reasonable.

The first 24 hours are critical. Forgetting is greatest within 24 hours without review! How would you do this? Is there free time you can use?
I don't review after class (anymore). I will try to make time directly after class (such as on way home) to review key concepts.

08 September 2015

CST300 Week 2

Review and Reflect Learning Strategy
I am very good at scheduling, rescheduling and making sure I study in a conducive environment. On the other hand I am very rusty on Thinking Skills, which I need to practice. I had never heard of the SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review) method but am very interested and willing to try this out. I have never used the highlighting method either (denounced in other reading assignments this week), but my wife swore by this in Nursing School.

Preview Time Management Skills
Activity Log for 08-Sep-2015 (My work involves a constant changing of activities (immediate response is required). So I focused on non-work time.)

Project Management Basics
Project Life Cycle = Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control Process, & Closing.Why manage? 1/4 projects make it to market, 31% IT projects cancelled, & only 42% of original features make it into end product."Work Breakdown Structure is deliverable oriented heirarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the team to accomplish the project objectives and create the required deliverables." Long way of saying dividing up the work into manageable chunks to be performed by the people most qualified to do each part.Gantt charts are very handy way to break down project components across multiple teams. Expected time = (O + 4M + P) / 6 where O is optimistic estimate, M is normal estimate and P is pessimistic estimate.

Check Out Previous Capstones
#3 - Language Screener - iOS app to work with autistic children (I imagine it could work with any age though) and allow them to learn and improve communication. For their demo they showed a video of it in use rather than actually using it, this would imply there are known problems they wanted to avoid during their demo.
#2 - Ceres - open source small business management software. Bad recording but good sounding product. While the demo was pre-recorded it used a lot of screenshots and they seemed to really understand the product well. I see a large market potential for this product and like the choice of making it Open Source.
#1 - Steebly - Cloud, browser based IDE w/compiler in multiple programming languages. Very similar to CodeAcademy with potentially lower bandwidth overhead. They also take it to the next level by allowing collaboration with an instructor or tutor. Very ambitious and seems stable based on their short demo despite the apparent Herculean task.

27 August 2015

CST300 Week 1

Among other things:

Recorded and posted video introduction.

Scheduled Study Times.

Worked with my group (BITsoft) on a collective resume: