14 September 2015

CST300 Week 3

Jot down one best time block you can study. How long is it? What makes for a good break for you? Can you control the activity and return to your studies?
The best time is in the evening after the kids go to bed. I get a few hours to study and personal time. The kids are the biggest distraction as they want my time. It is open ended until I go to bed.

What is the best study space you can think of? What is another?
My dining room is a good place to study as there is no television, phone or other distractions. My backup is the Starbucks down the road.

What is the best time in a week you can review?
Just before the class works best for me so that the information is fresh.

What subject has always caused you problems?
Generally Mathematics has proven difficult.

What is a first step you can identify for an assignment to get yourself started?
Read the instructions and create an outline.

What is one distraction that causes you to stop studying?

Write down three examples for that difficult subject above? Be as specific as possible.
Calculus I, Calculus II and Calculus III. In particular the large amounts of time and effort necessary for een a single problem.

What is one example of applying free time to your studies?
Listening to lectures while driving. Practicing what you learn in day-to-day situations. In my case this includes using Spanish whenever reasonable.

The first 24 hours are critical. Forgetting is greatest within 24 hours without review! How would you do this? Is there free time you can use?
I don't review after class (anymore). I will try to make time directly after class (such as on way home) to review key concepts.

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