09 August 2016

CST361S Week 5

This week we covered Community and Social Justice, more Project Management basics and continued investigating ideas for our final Capstone. I have been excited for this final Capstone project since we started this adventure almost a year ago.

For my 4 main capstone ideas I am interested in (in order of interest):
  1. Security Guard Reporting App (actually have a client that might pay for this)
    • Android User Interface
    • Using web facing database
    • Requires use of GPS and possibly voice & phone integration
  2. An open source online small business accounting package.
    • Downside is there are hundreds of these out there
    • Scale could be a problem, this is an extensive project
    • Upside is that it often touches on so many disciplines
    • May require bringing in an accountant to validate backend
  3. Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook (could be useful at my work)
    • Custom Android OS build required
    • Using intranet facing database
    • Requires extensive audit trail (21 CFR Part 11 compliance)
  4. Restaurant Menu/Ordering System (like Ziosk but for small restaurants)
    • Custom Android OS build required (possible custom hardware)
    • Integrated system to not just take orders, but to also show them to kitchen
    • Using intranet facing database
I still like the idea of open source textbooks, but time and manpower would be extensive. Also requires a marketing budget. Also many have attempted it, but failed.

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