28 November 2016

CST438 Week 5

This week we discussed code review.

Basically a successful peer review strategy for code review requires a balance between the strictly documented processes and a non-threatening collaborative environment. Strictly regulated peer reviews can hinder productivity, yet careless processes are often ineffective. Ideally a middle ground can be found where peer review can be both efficient and effective while promoting open communication and knowledge sharing among teammates.

20 November 2016

CST438 Week 4

This week we covered the vulnerabilities exploited in the Sony Corp and Target Department Store security breaches, steps that can be taken in program design and code for better security, principles of software security and we took the mid-term exam.

Of particular interest was the article on Secure Programming. I was already familiar with validating input and restricting operations, but found the other design suggestions fascinating.

15 November 2016

CST438 Week 3

List and use common design patterns such as Publish-Subscribe, Proxy, Visitor for developing high quality modular object oriented code.
Use CRC (Class Responsibility Collaboration) cards as an object-oriented design tool.
Use UML class and sequence diagrams to create higher level abstract models of a software system.
Complete iteration #2 of your team project using Agile.